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    Compose Logs

    Compose?is a private, Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) platform for securely hosting and managing shared and dedicated?MongoDB?instances.?Compose has a new add-on which lets you send logs to Loggly via Syslog-ng. This add-on is currently available for Elasticsearch, Redis, PostgreSQL and RethinkDB. This setup requires that you have an active account for?Compose and Loggly.

    Step 1. Enabling Syslog-ng

    To set up Syslog-ng logging on your database go to the Compose dashboard at?app.compose.io?and select the deployment on which you want to configure logging. That can be any Elasticsearch, Redis, PostgreSQL or RethinkDB deployment. From the bottom of the side-bar, select the?Add-ons?view.

    Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 10.57.58 PM


    For our listed databases, there will currently be two panels on this view.?We are interested in Syslog-NG.

    Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 1.42.59 PM


    Step 2. Configure Loggly Service

    Select the Loggly service from?the drop down and enter the information below:

    Hostname: logs-01.loggly.com

    Port: 6514

    Token: Loggly Customer?Token

    Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 1.43.12 PM


    Before you press?Add Syslog-NG?bear in mind the warning that when you add the Syslog-NG capsule, there will be a rolling restart of the database to enable the logging to be installed. Make sure your application will not be affected by this restart, either by scheduling during?from quiet?periods or by using database calls which can handle rolling restarts.

    When you are ready, click?Add Syslog-NG?and a new capsule will be provisioned to forward all logs to Loggly.

    If you return to Loggly, you should see all logs for that database coming through.


    Advanced Compose Logs?Configuration Options

    • There are a number of Addons available for Compose database deployments – availability varies according to database type.


    Troubleshooting Compose Logs

    If you don’t see any data show up in the verification step, then check for these common problems.

    • Wait a few minutes in case indexing needs to catch up
    • Please check if the connection host is specified correctly as logs-01.loggly.com:6514
    • Search or post your own Compose?logs questions in the?community forum.


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